Phone Phever Receives Best Family Fun Award

In January 2016, Phone Phever® was named a “Best Family Fun” Award Winner by the Tillywig Toy Awards:

“PHONE PHEVER’s 1,200 trivia questions and challenges call upon such a nicely varied mix of skills, knowledge, and silliness that each player or team tends to feel confident in their own ability to win, a very attractive quality in a party and family game. Players race around the board, drawing cards and keeping or gaining control of the die by answering correctly or being first to complete a challenge. Two of the three card decks either allow or require players to use their smartphones to find the answer. The remaining deck contains statements that require a true/false answer, providing an invigorating 50/50 chance of getting it right. However, the trivia encountered throughout PHONE PHEVER can be as obscure as it is fun and fascinating, so mad smartphone skills are in order. Once any player or team has reached the board’s PHONE PHEVER store, the pressure’s on, for whomever wins a PHEVER CHALLENGE while in the store, wins the game! For 3 or more players..”


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