Phone Phever® is in the news!  We are honored that Phone Phever® has been featured in numerous news stories, reviews, and holiday gift guides, and has already received multiple board game awards.  See below for more details!

Phone Phever Recommended by Casual Game Insider Magazine

In November 2017, Phone Phever® received a “Recommended” Award from the editorial staff of Casual Game Insider Magazine. In recommending Phone Phever®, the magazine determined that the board game met the following conditions: Representative of the casual game genre in terms of game length, depth, and complexity Appeals to a general audience, with a G […]

Phone Phever Receives Hot Diggity Award

In November 2017, Phone Phever® was Named a “Hot Diggity” Award Winner in the Toys and Games Category by the Hot Diggity Awards: “What makes it Hot Diggity great: People have their phones out at gatherings anyway … so why not incorporate it into an old-fashioned board game? Rules are simple and basic so play […]

Early Bird Shoppers Gift Guide chose Phone Phever® for their 2016 gift guide! The best gift this holiday season is a family game that everyone can play together! Perfect for families, friends, parties, and even classrooms, Phone Phever is a fast-paced, high-energy game that appeals to smartphone addicts of all ages.

Phone Phever Kid Tested San Diego Family

San Diego Family picked Phone Phever® as a “Fun Family Board Game” in 2016! Individual players (or teams) match both wits and smartphone skills in answering 1,200 fascinating trivia questions and completing hilarious challenges, all of which cleverly explore how the world’s favorite invention — the telephone — has shaped music, movies, TV, history and […]

Phone Phever praise from

Since my kids are obsessed with phones and tablets (and I can’t say the apple falls very far from the tree), I just know that this holiday season they are going to LOVE their new game: Phone Phever.  This is quite literally smartphone meets board game and I had so much fun trying it out last […]

Phone Phever Review TTPM

In 2016, Toys, Tots, Pets & More rated Phone Phever® 4.5 out of 5 stars! Is It Fun? We like that this game is all about the phone, even including all of the trivia questions. Who knew there was so much trivia about phones? But even though it is a trivia game, don’t worry if you’re […]

CBS News Feature | Press | Phone Phever Family-Friendly Board Game

A February 16, 2016 CBS News story on the 113th annual New York City Toy Fair mentioned Phone Phever in recognizing that “this year, family board games are a big hit.” Thanks, CBS News!

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