Founded in 2014, Bear Mountain Games

is a family-owned and operated game company in Evergreen, CO, a small mountain village located approximately 30 minutes west of Denver. Bear Mountain Games is committed to creating entertaining, high-energy and intellectually challenging games for today’s modern family.

In 2018, over 2 billion people will use a smartphone (including more than 220 million Americans!). We all love our smartphones, and we can’t seem to put them down. But, in some ways, smartphones have made us less social than ever before. That problem hit home with Brian and Jane Williams, founders of Bear Mountain Games. More often than not, “family time” in the Williams’ household consisted of little more than two adults and three teens sitting in the same room, silently clutching their smartphones. Brian, a lover of board games and smartphones, soon set out to create a game that perfectly blends the wonder of smartphone technology with the simple fun of a traditional board game. Phone Phever® does precisely that. Feeding your smartphone addiction, and cravings for social interaction, Phone Phever® will provide countless hours of laughter, excitement, conversation, and learning. And you won’t have to put your smartphone down.

Who better to create fun, family-friendly games than a creative, fun, and friendly family?!